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4 types of asphalt; Choose The Best One For Your Project

Types of Asphalt: The Ultimate Guide

Asphalt is a material that has been used for years to pave roads. It is also the most popular type of paving material in the United States because it can be installed quickly and relatively inexpensively, which makes it one of the best choices for many people looking to install new pavement. However, there are different types of asphalt that you should know about before you make your decision. There are four types: oil-based, coal tar, natural rubber and synthetic rubber.

Oil-based: This type of asphalt is usually grey in color and has a high melting point. It can be used on all types of surfaces, but it doesn’t have the longevity as coal tar or natural rubber.

Coal Tar: Coal tar paving material comes from different sources depending on what region you live in; however, they are usually black with a low melting point that makes them more brittle than other materials. They’re also not resistant to extreme temperatures changes like oil-based asphalt is so this might make for an undesirable option if you often get ice storms during winter months. However, they do provide excellent traction when wet which means there’s less risk for drivers who don’t want their vehicles to skid off the road while it rains.

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Natural rubber asphalt: Natural rubber is the most expensive of all types because it doesn’t contain any petroleum products. However, this does give them a higher melting point than coal-based materials so they can last through extreme temperature changes and be used on surfaces that are slippery when wet like ice or snow.

Synthetic rubber asphalt is an cheaper than natural rubber, and it’s also more durable.

Coal-based asphalt is the least expensive of all types because it doesn’t contain any petroleum products but this does make them less durable and they don’t last as long in extreme temperatures or when used on slippery surfaces like ice.

In conclusion, there’s never just one answer to what type of asphalt you should use in your project; it really comes down to your budget since each has its pros and cons depending on where you live or if you’re looking for an eco-friendly option. Grand Rapids Asphalt comes in many different types.