How to Set Up BlueSnap – The Perfect Solution for Ecommerce

Quick and Easy Guide to Start Using BlueSnap

Ecommerce is growing rapidly and so are the different payment options for customers. But with so many choices, how do you know which one to choose? There’s a company called BlueSnap that might be perfect for your business! In this blog post we’ll show you 10 steps that will help set up the perfect solution for your ecommerce needs.

First step is to create a BlueSnap account. You can do it by simply going to their website, and clicking on the “Start Processing Payments” button.

Next you’ll need a payment gateway account with BlueSnap through your bank or credit card processor. You can find people who provide this service here . Once you have one selected go ahead and add it in BlueSnap under settings > Payment Gateways. If the details are correct then click save!


You will now see that there’s a connection between your ecommerce platform (shopify) & blue snap which means all payments made from customers should be processed by them if chosen as default option when checking out. Now we’re going to connect our Shopify store with Blue Snap using API Keys for each of them: First create an API Key at Blue Snap Go to Settings > API Keys. Then create a new key with the connection details of your Shopify store (shop name, domain & api token).

Now go to Integrations > Add Integration in Shopify Admin Panel and choose Blue Snap as an integration option. Enter all required fields >>> make sure you set default payment gateway to ‘BlueSnap’ <<<< remember this is where we connected our account earlier! Save changes once done. That’s it!! Your shop will now be able to use all features that come along with BlueSnap – including recurring payments, chargebacks protection etc.. Like mentioned before there are many more additional settings available but hopefully these steps helped get you started :)

Edward Tirrell