The Truth About CBD: Can it Cause Hallucinations?

Can Hemp Oil Cause Hallucinations?

If you have been looking into hemp oil Denver and CBD, you may have heard about the possibility that it can cause hallucinations. Although this is a possible side effect of marijuana use, there are many people who do not know the difference between hemp oil and marijuana. What are the main benefits of using natural products?

The main difference between hemp oil and marijuana is the level of THC present in each product. Marijuana contains anywhere from five to thirty percent THC, while hemp oil has a negligible amount (.03% or less).

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This low quantity means that there is no way for those who use CBD products like hemp oil to experience hallucinations due to their usage of it. In fact, according to the DEA’s list of drugs with accepted medical uses as published on Drugsense: CBD has also been found useful as an anti-convulsant drug. It can be used by people with epilepsy and other seizure disorders without any risk of hallucinations occurring from its usage. Even though all CBD supplements are legal under federal law, the DEA warns that CBD products may not be legal in states where CBD oil is an illegal substance.

If you are wondering whether or not hemp oil can cause hallucinations, the answer is no. It’s a misconception based on confusion between marijuana and hemp oils. Hemp oil contains such a small amount of THC (less than one percent) that there is absolutely no chance for it to produce this side effect when used as directed by its manufacturer. If you want to try out some CBD supplements like hemp oil but would rather avoid any risk of hallucinogenic effects from doing so, then we recommend using low-THC strains only – these will contain less than .03% THC content per volume measurement in order to comply with federal law.

Edward Tirrell