What Is Medicare Plan F

All You Need to Know about Medicare Plan F

Plan F is a Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan that pays for hospital costs and skilled nursing facility care. It does not, however, cover any of your doctor visits or medical tests. In this post we will discuss what the plan covers, how much it costs, and who should get the plan to maximize their coverage. So What is Medicare Plan F and how can you get it?

– Plan F covers hospital expenses such as medical and surgical services, doctor charges for operating room or recovery room care. It also includes the cost of any X-rays, lab tests and other diagnostic procedures performed in a facility that’s part of an approved Medicare plan like this one.

What Is Medicare Plan F

What is not covered by Medicare Plan F?

– Plan F does not cover your doctor visits or medical tests. You’ll need to purchase a Medicare Supplement Insurance plan for those costs. This includes people with Medicaid or subsidies from the Affordable Care Act (ACA), people on employer sponsored retiree benefits, COBRA, Part A or B but without supplemental coverage can also get this plan to help pay for their additional hospital expenses if they don’t qualify for another type of Medicare supplement insurance like Medigap because they have too many preexisting conditions. The premiums are $240 per month in 2017 before applying any subsidy available through the

Who should get this plan?

People with no employer-sponsored retiree benefits, COBRA or Part A or B that can’t get another type of Medicare supplement insurance because they have too many pre-existing conditions should consider this plan. However, it’s important to note that even if someone has a preexisting condition and qualifies for Plan F, they must still be willing to pay the premiums which may not fit their budget.

Edward Tirrell