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To visit Alsace is to visit an exceptional land, a prized culture and heritage, an extraordinary history, ancestral traditions, a European crossroads and above all, a place where life is good! In summer, as in winter, there is always something to see.

As you can see, Alsace has nothing to envy to major tourist destinations. Today, nearly 15 million tourists visit Alsatian lands every year!

To make the most of it, it is important to plan your stay well and know directly what to do in Alsace before your arrival.

1 – Strasbourg: the Alsatian capital

Let yourself be tempted by a one or two day visit to Strasbourg to visit this city of undeniable charm. Strasbourg reveals the culture and a listed heritage that attracts many tourists from all over the world of authentic beauty. Famous for its Christmas market, the European capital also shines with the charm of its cobbled streets, its half-timbered houses, these medieval streets and above all for its large cathedral, which overlooks the city centre.

2 – Typical Alsatian villages: Mittelbergheim, Riquewihr, Kaysersberg, …

To visit these Alsatian villages, you can get there by car. 40 minutes from Strasbourg, you can take the A4 motorway towards Colmar.


Elected “Most beautiful villages in France” in 2018, this small village of 600 inhabitants is located on the Alsace Wine Route. Pleasant, charming and authentic, this village is ideal for a family outing. You can start by taking a short walk in this village, then go to Barr, a neighbouring village, ending with a visit to Mont Sainte-Odile.

Points of interest:

  • Fun circuit
  • Streets and architecture
  • Vineyards


Designated “Most beautiful villages in France” in 2016, this village is located in the heart of the Alsatian vineyards. Riquewihr is a medieval village that has managed to keep its period authenticity by conserving many buildings and remains since the 13th century. Whether you come to visit the village in winter or in summer, you will succumb to its Alsatian charm!

Points of interest:

  • Museums (Thieves’ Tower, Hansi House, Dolder Tower, ..)
  • Historical tour
  • Streets and architecture
  • Vineyards


Village located not far from Riquewirh, Kaysersberg is a very well-known village and very popular with tourists. Like the neighbouring village, Kaysersberg has voted “Most Beautiful Villages of France” in 2017. Hikers and cyclists particularly appreciate this hilly corner of forest and vineyards. The village is also very famous for its typical Christmas market made up of local artisans and producers.

Points of interest:

  • Museums (Doctor Schweitzer, Historical Museum, ..)
  • Ruin of the fortified castle
  • Streets and architecture
  • Weinbach Estate

3 – Mont Sainte-Odile

One of the essentials when visiting Alsace is to visit Mont Sainte-Odile. A high Alsatian spiritual place, Mont Sainte-Odile is a place of pilgrimage known around the world in memory of Sainte-Odile, patron saint of Alsatians. Located on the heights of Obernai and Ottrott (30 minutes from Strasbourg), you will find a superb 12th-century dancing abbey. The visit is completely free.

As a family, you can take beautiful walks to admire the magnificent panoramic view of the Alsace plain. You can see the chapels, the main church, the tomb of Sainte-Odile and some Merovingian tombs. Below you will also find the famous pagan wall, whose origin we still do not know today.

Points of interest:

  • Panoramic viewpoint
  • Abbey
  • Pagan wall
  • Tomb of Sainte-Odile

4 – The fortified castles of Alsace

Another must-see and must-see tourist attraction when you visit Alsace are its many fortified castles! A priceless heritage is offered to tourists and hikers for their greatest pleasure.

Ideal for a family walk, the fortified castles are easily accessible and secure. If you are in Alsace for a weekend or a week, we advise you to see only 2 or 3 maximum. For the rest, we will have to think about coming back!

You can also visit other remarkable fortified castles such as Haut-Andlau castle, Ortenbourg or Haut-Eguisheim.

Bring good walking shoes, a little water and let’s go!

5 – Colmar

Voted 3rd best European destination in 2018, Colmar is one of the essential cities to visit. Very popular with foreign tourists, Colmar is nestled in the centre of Alsatian vineyards. The city has many assets thanks to its heritage, its architecture and its renowned neighbourhoods.

The district of “Little Venice” is the place to see in Colmar. Bordered by the Launch, the flowery streets allow you to take magnificent photos. You will discover many religious buildings and remarkable 17th-century buildings. No matter the season, Colmar will offer you a memorable Alsatian walk.